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36G22Y-202 White Rodgers gas valve

36G22Y-202 White Rodgers gas valve Image

New Upgraded White Rodgers Direct Factory Replacement Gas Valve.

Gas Pipe Inlet Size: 1/2"
Gas Pipe Outlet Size: 1/2"
24 Volt Coil.
Natural Gas:Yes
L.P. Gas:Yes

This new upgraded Gas Valve is Found in many brands of Furnaces such as Goodman, Janitrol Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Payne and many other brands.

New Smaller Compact Design.

White Rodgers Compact multifunction valve designed to meet the requirements of all types of intermittent ignition systems.
( Cycle Pilot, Proven Pilot, Direct Spark Ignition and Hot Surface Ignition.
* Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. * Has pilot filter, adjustable pilot pressure and manual shut off valve. Specifications:

Electrical rating: 0.54 amps, Regulator adjustment range: natural gas 2.5 to 5.0" WC.
Maximum pressure rating: 1/2 PSI ( 14.0 WC ), swing radius: 3-9/16".
Ambient operating range: -40 deg to + 175 deg.

Replaces Obsolete Gas Valve Part Numbers:

VAL04091 VAL4091 VAL04335 VAL4335 VAL04854 VAL4854 10671101 VAL4854 VAL04854 B12826-28 B1282628 C6476910 VAL06377 VAL6377 VAL2905 RF000144 VAL02905 VAL04858 VAL4858 C34100P1 B1282614 B1282615 VAL7732 VAL07732 36E22-207 C6476904 C64769-04 C6476907 C64769-10 C6476910 C64769-01 C6476901 C64769-02 C6476902 VAL6377 36F22-210 36G22Y-202 EF32CB201A B1282628 B12826-28 C64769-07 EF32CB201 C34100P01 EF33CW196A EF33CW195A 12L5701 EF33CW186A 025-33334-000 36E52-204 36E96-250 36E96-231 36E54-208 36E54-203 36E54-200 B1282614 B12826-28 B1282629 B12826-14 C64769-07 C341949P01 EF32CB201 36E22-203 36E22-210 36E22-209 CARL38794 C6476907 C676902 C676904 C676901 10370701 C64769-7 36E22-214 CAR36E22214 CAR36G22Y202 36E02-201 36E02-202 36E02-203 36E02-204 36E24-204 36E30-201 36E98-201 720-052 CARL38038 36E22-214 CARL39019 CARL38796 CAR36E98304.

Used in Carrier Payne Furnace Models:

58MVP120-1-20 48GP-060090311 587ANZ042060AAAF.

Used in American Standard Trane Furnace Models:

TDD040C924BO TDD040C924B0 TUD100C936A1 TUD100C936A2 TUD100C936A3 TDE060A936K2 TDDO6OC939FO TDD060C939F0 TDD060C936F0 BLU120K948B1 BLU12OK948B1 TUD120A960A0 AUDO80C936J1 AUD080C936J1 AUD080C936H3 TUE040A924K2 TUC100C948B6 TUD080C936B0 TUDO80C936B0 TUC100C948B6 TUD080B942A0 TUDO80B942AO TVC1008948A0 TUC100B948A0 TUC060C936B0 TUCO60C936B0 TUD120C960J1 and more...

Used in Goodman, Amana, Janitrol Furnace Models:

GMT115-5A AMS90453BXA P1256601F AMS950453BX AMS950453BXAB AMS950453BXA AMS950453BXA AMS950703BX AMS950703BXAB AMS950703BXA AMS950703BXA AMS950704CX AMS950704CXAB AMS950704CXA AMS950704CXA AMS950904CX AMS950904CXAB AMS950904CXA AMS950904CXA AMS950905DXA AMS950905DXA AMS951155DX AMS951155DXAB AMS951155DXA AMS951155DXA APG10240451A APG10240451A APG10240701A APG10240701A APG10300701A APG10300701A APG10360701A APG10360701A APG10360901A APG10360901A APG10360903A APG10360903A APG10420701A APG10420701A APG10420901A APG10420901A APG10480901A APG10480901A APG10480903A APG10480903A APG10481151A APG10481151A APG10600901A APG10600901A APG10600903A APG10600903A APG10601401A APG10601401A APG10601403A APG10601403A APG12240451A APG12240451A APG12240701A APG12240701A APG12300701A APG12300701A APG12360701A APG12360701A APG12360901A APG12360901A APG12420701A APG12420701A APG12420901A APG12420901A APG12480901A APG12480901A APG12481151A APG12481151A APG12600901A APG12600901A APG12601151A APG12601151A APG13240451A APG13240451A APG13240701A APG13240701A APG13300451A APG13300451A APG13300701A APG13300701A APG13360451A APG13360451A APG13360701A APG13360701A APG13360901A APG13360901A APG13420701A APG13420701A APG13420901A APG13420901A APG13480701 APG13480701AB APG13480701A APG13480701A APG13480901 APG13480901AB APG13480901A APG13480901A APG13481151 APG13481151AB APG13481151A APG13481151A APG13600901 APG13600901BA APG13600901A APG13600901A APG13601151 APG13601151BA APG13601151A APG13601151A APG13601401 APG13601401BA APG13601401A APG13601401A DCS90703BXA P1257102F P1257107F DCS90904CXA P1257104F P1257108F DCS91155DXA P1257106F GDS80453AN GDS80453ANAA GDS80453ANA GDS80453ANA GDS80453AX GDS80453AXAA GDS80453AXBA GDS80453AXBB GDS80453AXA GDS80453AXA GDS80703AN GDS80703ANAA GDS80703ANA GDS80703ANA GDS80703AX GDS80703AXAA GDS80703AXBA GDS80703AXBB GDS80703AXA GDS80703AXA GDS80904BN GDS80904BNAA GDS80904BNA GDS80904BNA GDS80904BX GDS80904BXAA GDS80904BXBA GDS80904BXBB GDS80904BXA GDS80904BXA GDS81155CN GDS81155CNAA GDS81155CNA GDS81155CNA GDS81155CX GDS81155CXAA GDS81155CXBA GDS81155CXBB GDS81155CXA GDS81155CXA GDT045-3B GDT045-3B* GDT070-3B GDT070-3B* GDT090-4B GDT090-4B* GDT115-5B GDT115-5B* GHS80453AN GHS80453ANAA GHS80453AX GHS80453AXAA GHS80453AXBA GHS80453AXBB GHS80453AXBC GHS80704BN GHS80704BNAA GHS80704BX GHS80704BXAA GHS80704BXBA GHS80704BXBB GHS80704BXBC GHS80905CN GHS80905CNAA GHS80905CX GHS80905CXAA GHS80905CXBA GHS80905CXBB GHS80905CXBC GKS90453BX GKS90453BXAA GKS90453BXAB GKS90703BX GKS90703BXAA GKS90703BXAB GKS90704CX GKS90704CXAA GKS90704CXAB GKS90904CX GKS90904CXAA GKS90904CXAB GKS90905DX GKS90905DXAA GKS90905DXAB GKS91155DX GKS91155DXAA GKS91155DXAB GMNT040-3B GMNT040-3B* GMNT060-3B GMNT060-3B* GMNT080-4B GMNT080-4B* GMNT100-4B GMNT100-4B* GMNT120-5B GMNT120-5B* GMNT120-5D GMNT120-5D GMS80453AN GMS80453ANAA GMS80453ANBA GMS80453ANBB GMS80453ANBC GMS80453AX GMS80453AXAA GMS80453AXBA GMS80453AXBB GMS80453AXBC GMS80453AXA GMS80453AXA GMS80703AN GMS80703ANAA GMS80703ANBA GMS80703ANBB GMS80703ANBC GMS80703ANA GMS80703ANA GMS80703AX GMS80703AXAA GMS80703AXBA GMS80703AXBB GMS80703AXBC GMS80703AXA GMS80703AXA GMS80704BN GMS80704BNAA GMS80704BNBA GMS80704BNBB GMS80704BNBC GMS80704BNA GMS80704BNA GMS80704BX GMS80704BXAA GMS80704BXBA GMS80704BXBB GMS80704BXBC GMS80704BXA GMS80704BXA GMS80903BN GMS80903BNAA GMS80903BNA GMS80903BNA GMS80904BN GMS80904BNAA GMS80904BNBA GMS80904BNBB GMS80904BNBC GMS80904BNA GMS80904BNA GMS80904BX GMS80904BXAA GMS80904BXBA GMS80904BXBB GMS80904BXBC GMS80904BXA GMS80904BXA GMS80905CN GMS80905CNAA GMS80905CNBA GMS80905CNBB GMS80905CNBC GMS80905CNA GMS80905CNA GMS80905CX GMS80905CXAA GMS80905CXBA GMS80905CXBB GMS80905CXBC GMS80905CXA GMS80905CXA GMS81155CN GMS81155CNAA GMS81155CNBA GMS81155CNBB GMS81155CNBC GMS81155CNA GMS81155CNA GMS81155CX GMS81155CXAA GMS81155CXBA GMS81155CXBB GMS81155CXBC GMS81155CXA GMS81155CXA GMS81405DN GMS81405DNAA GMS81405DNBA GMS81405DNBB GMS81405DNBC GMS81405DNA GMS81405DNA GMS81405DX GMS81405DXAA GMS81405DXA GMS81405DXA GMS90453BXA P1256801F P1256807F GMS90703BXA P1256802F P1256808F GMS90904CXA P1256804F P1256809F GMS91155DXA P1256806F GMS950453BX GMS950453BXAB GMS950453BXA GMS950453BXA GMS950703BX GMS950703BXAB GMS950703BXA GMS950703BXA GMS950704CX GMS950704CXAB GMS950704CXA GMS950704CXA GMS950904CX GMS950904CXAB GMS950904CXA GMS950904CXA GMS950905DXA GMS950905DXA GMS951155DX GMS951155DXAB GMS951155DXA GMS951155DXA GMT045-3B GMNT045-3B* GMT045-3B* GMT070-3B GMNT070-3B* GMT070-3B* GMT070-4B GMNT070-4B* GMT070-4B* GMT090-3B GMNT090-3B* GMT070-4B* GMT090-4B GMNT090-4B* GMT090-4B* GMT090-5B GMNT090-5B* GMT090-5B* GMT115-5B GMNT115-5B* GMT115-5B* GMT140-5B GMNT140-5B* GMT140-5BB* GMT140-5D GMT140-5D GMTH045-3B GMTH045-3B* GMTH070-4B GMTH070-4B* GMTH090-5B GMTH090-5B* GPG10240451A GPG10240451A GPG10240701A GPG10240701A GPG10300701A GPG10300701A GPG10360701A GPG10360701A GPG10360901A GPG10360901A GPG10360903A GPG10360903A GPG10420701A GPG10420701A GPG10420901A GPG10420901A GPG10480901A GPG10480901A GPG10480903A GPG10480903A GPG10481151A GPG10481151A GPG10600901A GPG10600901A GPG10600903A GPG10600903A GPG10601401A GPG10601401A GPG10601403A GPG10601403A GPG10601404A GPG10601404A GPG12240451A GPG12240451A GPG12240701A GPG12240701A GPG12300701A GPG12300701A GPG12360701A GPG12360701A GPG12360901A GPG12360901A GPG12420701A GPG12420701A GPG12420901A GPG12420901A GPG12480901A GPG12480901A GPG12481151A GPG12481151A GPG12600901A GPG12600901A GPG12601151A GPG12601151A GPG13240451 GPG13240451AA GPG13240451BA GPG13240451CA GPG13240701 GPG13240701AA GPG13240701BA GPG13240701CA GPG13300451 GPG13300451AA GPG13300701 GPG13300701AA GPG13360451 GPG13360451AA GPG13360701 GPG13360701AA GPG13360901 GPG13360901AA GPG13360903A GPG13360903A GPG13360904A GPG13360904A GPG13420701 GPG13420701AA GPG13420901 GPG13420901AA GPG13480701 GPG13480701AA GPG13480701AB GPG13480901 GPG13480901AA GPG13480901AB GPG13480903A GPG13480903A GPG13480904A GPG13480904A GPG13481151 GPG13481151AA GPG13481151AB GPG13600901 GPG13600901AA GPG13600901BA GPG13600903A GPG13600903A GPG13600904A GPG13600904A GPG13601151 GPG13601151AA GPG13601151BA GPG13601401 GPG13601401AA GPG13601401BA GPG13601403A GPG13601403A GPG13601404A GPG13601404A PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1A PGB024050-1A PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1A PGB024075-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1B PGB030050-1B PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1B PGB030075-1B PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1B PGB030100-1B PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1B PGB036050-1B PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1B PGB036075-1B PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3C PGB036075-3C PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1B PGB036100-1B PGD24C0452E P1236509C PGD24C0452G P1236514C P1236522C PGD24C0452X P1236530C PGD24C0702E P1236510C PGD24C0702G P1236515C P1236523C PGD24C0902E P1236511C PGD24C0902G P1236516C P1236524C PGD30C0702E P1236512C PGD30C0702G P1236517C P1236525C PGD30C0702X P1236531C PGD30C0902E P1236513C PGD30C0902G P1236518C P1236526C PGD36C0702G P1236519C P1236527C PGD36C0702X P1236532C PGD36C0902G P1236520C P1236528C PGD42C0902G P1236521C P1236529C PGD42C0902X P1236533C PGD48C0902G P1236608C PGD48C1152G P1236609C PGD48C1402G P1236610C PGJ048075-1A PGJ048075-1A PGJ048100-1A PGJ048100-1A GMT070-3B PGB60C0902E GCIC090CX30 ACS90453BXA P1257001F ACS90703BXA P1257002F ACS90704CXA P1257003F ACS90904CXA P1257004F ACS90905DXA P1257005F ACS91155DXA P1257006F AMS90453BXA P1256601F AMS90703BXA P1256602F AMS90704CXA P1256603F AMS90904CXA P1256604F AMS90905DXA P1256605F AMS91155DXA P1256606F DMS90453BXA P1256701F DMS90703BXA P1256702F DMS90704CXA P1256703F DMS90904CXA P1256704F DMS90905DXA P1256705F DMS91155DXA P1256706F GCCA045BX30 P1241701F GCCA045CX30 P1252701F GCCA070BX30 P1241702F GCCA070BX40 P1241703F GCCA070CX30 P1252702F GCCA070CX40 P1252703F GCCA090BX40 P1241704F GCCA090BX50 P1241705F GCCA090CX40 P1252704F GCCA090CX50 P1252705F GCCA115BX50 P1241706F GCCA115CX50 P1252706F GCIC045FX30 P1234401F GCIC070FX30 P1234402F GCIC070FX40 P1234403F GCIC090FX30 P1234404F GCIC090FX50 P1234405F GCIC115FX40 P1234406F GCIC115FX50 P1234407F GCIC140FX50 P1234408F GCS90453BXA P1257201F GCS90703BXA P1257202F GCS90904CXA P1257204F GCS91155DXA P1257206F GUCA045AX30 P1239301F GUCA045BX30 P1241601F GUCA045CX30 P1252601F GUCA070AX30 P1239302F GUCA070AX40 P1239303F GUCA070BX30 P1241602F GUCA070BX40 P1241603F GUCA070CX30 P1252602F GUCA070CX40 P1252603F GUCA090AX40 P1239304F GUCA090AX50 P1239305F GUCA090BX40 P1241604F GUCA090BX50 P1241605F GUCA090CX40 P1252604F GUCA090CX50 P1252605F GUCA115AX50 P1239306F GUCA115BX50 P1241606F GUCA115CX50 P1252606F GUIC045EA30 P1234001F GUIC045EX30 P1234101F GUIC045FA30 P1241801F GUIC045FX30 P1241901F GUIC070EA30 P1234002F GUIC070EA40 P1234003F GUIC070EX30 P1234102F GUIC070EX40 P1234103F GUIC070FA30 P1241802F GUIC070FA40 P1241803F GUIC070FX30 P1241902F GUIC070FX40 P1241903F GUIC090EA30 P1234004F GUIC090EA50 P1234005F GUIC090EX30 P1234104F GUIC090EX50 P1234105F GUIC090FA30 P1241804F GUIC090FA50 P1241805F GUIC090FX30 P1241904F GUIC090FX50 P1241905F GUIC115EA40 P1234006F GUIC115EA50 P1234007F GUIC115EX40 P1234106F GUIC115EX50 P1234107F GUIC115FA40 P1241806F GUIC115FA50 P1241807F GUIC115FX40 P1241906F GUIC115FX50 P1241907F GUIC140EA50 P1234008F GUIC140EX50 P1234108F GUIC140FA50 P1241808F GUIC140FX50 P1241908F GUID045EA30 P1234201F GUID045EX30 P1234301F GUID070EA30 P1234202F P1244902F GUID070EA40 P1234203F GUID070EX30 P1234302F GUID070EX40 P1234303F GUID090EA30 P1234204F GUID090EA50 P1234205F GUID090EX30 P1234304F GUID090EX50 P1234305F GUID115EA50 P1234207F GUID115EX50 P1234307F GUIE045EX30 P1241001F GUIE070EX40 P1241003F GUIE090EX40 P1241004F GUIE090EX50 P1241005F GUIE115EX50 P1241007F PGA42C0902F P1236313C XF800453A P1244201F XF800703A P1244202F XF800704A P1244203F XF800903A P1244204F XF800905A P1244205F XF801155A P1244207F XF900453A P1244401F XF900453B P1253501F XF900703A P1244402F XF900703B P1253502F XF900704A P1244403F XF900704B P1253503F XF900904A P1244404F XF900904B P1253504F XF900905A P1244405F XF900905B P1253505F XF901155A P1244406F XF901155B P1253506F GCC045C30C P1161801F GCC045X30A P1161807F GCC070C30C P1161802F GCC070C40C P1161803F GCC070X30A P1161808F GCC070X40A P1161809F GCC090C40C P1161804F GCC090C50C P1161805F GCC090X40A P1161810F GCC090X50A P1161811F GCC115C50C P1161806F GCC115X50A P1161812F GUC045C30C P1114307F GUC045X30A P1173601F GUC045X30B P1208701F GUC07035 GUC07035 GUC070C40C P1114309F GUC070X30B P1208702F GUC070X40A P1173603F GUC070X40B P1208703F GUC090C35C P1114310F GUC090C50C P1114311F GUC090X35A P1173604F GUC090X35B P1208704F GUC090X50A P1173605F GUC090X50B P1208705F GUC115C50C P1114312F GUC115X50A P1173606F GUC115X50B P1208706F GUI045D25A P1159801F GUI045E25A P1159901F P1159910F GUI045X25A P1174501F GUI070D30A P1159802F GUI070D40A P1159803F GUI070E30A P1159902F P1159911F GUI070E40A P1159903F P1159912F GUI070X30A P1174502F GUI070X40A P1174503F GUI090D30A P1159804F GUI090D50A P1159805F GUI090E30A P1159904F P1159913F GUI090X30A P1174504F GUI090X50A P1174505F GUI115D35A P1159806F GUI115D50A P1159807F GUI115E35A P1159906F P1159914F GUI115X35A P1174506F GUI115X50A P1174507F GUI140D35A P1159808F GUI140D50A P1159809F GUI140E35A P1159908F P1159915F GUI140E50A P1159909F P1159916F GUI140X35A P1174508F GUI140X50A P1174509F GUIA045A30 P1177301F GUIA045B30 P1206601F GUIA045CA30 P1207201F GUIA070A30 P1177302F GUIA070A40 P1177303F GUIA070B30 P1206602F GUIA070B40 P1206603F GUIA070CA30 P1207202F GUIA070CA40 P1207203F GUIA090A30 P1177304F GUIA090A50 P1177305F GUIA090B30 P1206604F GUIA090B50 P1206605F GUIA090CA30 P1207204F GUIA090CA50 P1207205F GUIA115A40 P1177306F GUIA115A50 P1177307F GUIA115B40 P1206606F GUIA115B50 P1206607F GUIA115CA40 P1207206F GUIA115CA50 P1207207F GUIA140A50 P1177308F GUIA140B50 P1206608F GUIA140CA50 P1207208F GUIC045CA30 P1207601F GUIC045CX30 P1207401F GUIC070CA30 P1207602F GUIC070CA40 P1207603F GUIC070CX30 P1207402F GUIC070CX40 P1207403F GUIC090CA30 P1207604F GUIC090CA50 P1207605F GUIC090CX30 P1207404F GUIC090CX50 P1207405F GUIC115CA40 P1207606F GUIC115CA50 P1207607F GUIC115CX40 P1207406F GUIC115CX50 P1207407F GUIC140CA50 P1207608F GUIC140CX50 P1207408F GUX045B30A P1161701F GUX045X30A P1161707F GUX045X30B P1207801F GUX070B30A P1161702F GUX070B40A P1161703F GUX070X30A P1161708F GUX070X30B P1207802F GUX070X30BI P1209302F GUX070X40A P1161709F GUX070X40B P1207803F GUX090B35A P1161704F GUX090B50A P1161705F GUX090X35A P1161710F GUX090X35B P1207804F GUX090X50A P1161711F GUX090X50B P1207805F and many more...

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